Thursday, May 05, 2011


Can Agile Software Development methods be applied to our Educational System?

When we change from a “waterfall” education to an “agile” education, we’ll see what difference it makes...

Yes, the Government at large and unions in general will be impediments to trying something new. While we can all acknowledge that the educational system is fundamentally broke, how come no one is proposing a new method?

Today, a huge amount of people work on unrelated things. So most of the investment in education leads nowhere. Governments and parents pony up dozens of thousands of dollars per child, and students are advised to focus on studying and not working, which has a hige opportunity cost. Shift all those resources to “agile programs” that use only the resources that are needed, build progressively a differentiated skill set, and provide continuous education for every employee: from those at factories, call centers, in design, engineering, etc.

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