Saturday, April 09, 2011


Are employee contributions to political action committees a worst practice?

Many large enterprises have practices whereby they contact their employees asking them to contribute to political action committees on an annual basis. Increasingly, pro-business somehow magically morphs into being anti-employee...

How smart can it be for an employee to champion the causes of their employers? Consider the fact that unemployment is at an all time high yet many businesses want congress to raise the amount of H1B Visas that are issued.

Before contributing, should an employer openly declare what it champions that may not be in the best interest of employees before asking them to make a contribution?

What if your employer plans on using your political support to lobby the congress to make it easier to layoff American workers, to reduce unemployment tax burden and to eliminate benefits for retirees? Is your investment towards political action committees a wise investement?

I have not contributed to political action committees in the past solely for the reason that I think that there is about a dime's worth of difference between modern Democrats and Republicans and have championed alternative approaches to government. With that being said, I too remain blissfully ignorant to whether if I made the decision to contribute will I have been rewarded or penalized...

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