Sunday, January 02, 2011


Stress has Solutions...

Way too many people I know are stressed about work, life and family. You don't have to learn just to live with it and if it is work related, there are a few things you should ask your employer to consider...

If you are feeling stressed in a given situation, why not ask your employer to deploy you in a less stressful situation. Most employers are reasonable and want their employees to be happy and will consider allowing you to be productive while working elsewhere. I have yet to meet an employer that wouldn't consider this.

A healthy dose of laughter and a sense of humor - I read that a child laughs 400 times a day on the average, while an adult laughs only 15 times each day, which is puzzling since laughter feels so good and is so good for us! Many of us have lost our humor beings. Everything doesn't need to be so serious. Consider telling jokes during the day regardless of political correctness as the increase in productivity will have a profound return.

Hugging is practically perfect: there are no movable parts, no batteries to wear out, no periodic check-ups; it has low energy consumption and high energy yield; it is inflation-proof; it is non-fattening; it requires no monthly payments and no insurance; it is theft-proof, non-taxable, non-polluting and, of course, fully returnable. Of course, make sure you don't hug your coworkers too frequently especially if they look like Sophia Vergara, Melyssa Ford or Halle Berry as productivity will decline and stress will increase...

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