Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Enterprise Architecture: What Color is your Hat?

I am neither a WhiteHat nor BlackHat. I am of the new breed known as a GreenHat who focuses on innovative ideas and off-the-wall creativity...

The GreenHat provides an opportunity to look for new answers to the question under discussion. Questions come up all the time where there seems to be only two or three options. A GreenHat loves to expand the possibilities by looking for other ideas.

A GreenHat believes there is always another option you haven't thought of and that maybe the decision can be deferred or made unnecessary by some other action affording the opportunity to think deeper about it.

The BlackHats are known for exploring negative consequences and the worst things that could possibly happen, while the WhiteHats are the polar opposite and stand for altruism. Of course, we got RedHat which is all about what you think in your heart and goes with gut instinct. This of course drives the notion of being open. We also have BlueHats which are into MetaThinking and tend to be from companies such as IBM that push Process over People...

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