Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Connecticut Voters Guide 2010

In the Manchester Court House, inscribed in marble as you enter is the phrase: Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding. The funny thing is that the court is filled with lots of ordinary people who don't understand and are being rapedassisted by lawyers guiding them through the process...

The democrats made history this year with the passage of healthcare reform. Some believe that they ignored the values of the constitution, while others believe they did it to provide aid to those who otherwise couldn't afford decent healthcare. Regardless of where you stand on this issue, we can all acknowledge the simple fact that the bill contained thousands of pages in which no currently elected senator or congressman actually read in its entirety nor fully understood.

It is one thing for us ordinary citizens to not understand laws, but it is another for those who make the laws to not understand the laws. While intent of the law may be noble, it is really responsible to have so many laws on the books that no one understands?

With this thought in mind, I am encouraging the residents of Connecticut to consider the following when casting their vote:
Exercise your right to vote and remember to wear your WWE shirt to the polls regardless of what our Secretary of State thinks about it. Malcolm X in his famous speech described the choices that people make: The Ballot or the Bullet. As a member of the NRA, I believe the latter is important, but the former is more important. Today, is the day where we get to vote for an Agile government...

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