Tuesday, August 03, 2010


The Secret Relationship between Enterprise Architecture and Outsourcing: Part Two

Many believe that enterprise architecture is all about strategy & planning where outsourcing tends to focus on software development and/or operations. This level of abstraction hides many considerations. The touchpoints are much deeper than the handoffs as you transition into the software development lifecycle...

The vast majority of enterprise architects have never thought deeply about how they can make their employer more successful in outsourcing work to other countries. In my experience, outsourcing fails because there may not be an adequate feedback loop into future strategy and planning.

Many people offshore will have lots of time on their hands prior actually starting work on your project. The delay of provisioning them an account alone will afford them the opportunity to do research on your project but only if you arm them with the opportunity to do so.

So, how many enterprise architecture practitioners are guilty as charged when it comes to keeping internal acronyms alive when industry standard words/phrases exist to describe the same outcome. I have yet to visit an enterprise where they didn't have a system named Omni, Alchemy or Prism. Can someone offshore do any research on these terms unless you make a conscious effort to describe things in industry terms?

Enterprise architecture would be more successful if they simply spent more time thinking about how to bridge vocabularies across the proverbial firewall...

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