Thursday, June 25, 2009


Five Questions to Ponder

Gunnar Peterson: You have met many architects, CISOs and others in the security community but have never commented deeply/frequently on what successful individuals in this space all have in common? Could you make your next blog entry on this topic and include how enterprises can recognize talent from within especially as they start the journey towards application security?

Brenda Michelson: Each industry analyst firm pursues its own customer base and develops its own approach to analysis and research. Some of the analyst firms I interact with have briefings with enterprise customers that last a half-hour while others go an hour. Should customers ask themselves for the firms that schedule half-hour briefings, are they doing so because they don't have one-hour's worth of content? Could you make your next blog entry on what enterprise customers should consider when purchasing analyst research?

Todd Biske: I can count the number of peer enterprise architects from Fortune enterprises who are credible bloggers on one hand and I must say that your blog is the gold standard in this regard. Could you make your next blog entry on the topic of why you blog but more importantly provide a sense of why in a way that will encourage some of our other industry peers to come out of hiding? Please also share what other topics are of interest to you besides SOA? Curious to know if you have drunk the Kool-aid on $$$$ ECM technologies that really should cost $ or whether you have ever attended an OWASP meeting, etc?

James Governor: When I first heard about the notion of open source analysis I felt liberated. The ability to participate, influence and consume content created, vetted and stewarded by the community at large was a rebirth. When Redmonk produced their paper on Compliance Oriented Architectures (COA), I cried tears of joy knowing that you and Stephen did something that could never be accomplished by the 1984 humorless monotone culture of Gartner. Don't let the idea die on the vine and instead figure out its next incarnation. Could you make your next blog entry on Open Source Analysis 2.0?

Jordan Haberfield: You recently spoke at the Hartford Chapter of OWASP and provided insight into what it takes to become elite IT talent. Your message needs to be heard within other OWASP communities as you addressed a dimension of security that is more personal, more human. Anyway, could you make your next blog entry on the topic of recruiting elite IT security professionals and while being a niche, what your customers desire in the way of security talent and most importantly, a few pointers for unemployed American's on how to keep their spirits up in these troubling times.

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