Friday, May 15, 2009


Top Ten Things IT Professionals should noodle in a declining economy...

1. Don't put your resume ahead of business requirements. While career building is important, having unwavering integrity is more important.

2. Architecting is all about balancing. Don't get it twisted and think of it as a pure discipline while ignoring the artful aspects.

3. You're negotiating more often than you think. Just because some negotiations are easier than others shouldn't get you down.

4. Architects must be hands on. Nowadays, there are simply way too many incompetent architects. In order to enable the strategic intent of the business, you must be competent. In order to be competent, you must be hands on.

5. Challenge assumptions, especially your own. We all learn from mistakes, so make a few, but more importantly reflecting on how things can be better.

6. If there is only one solution, get a second opinion. The best architectures emerge from the chasm called choice.

7. Make a strong business case. Speaking in the language of the business isn't about vocabulary as much as it is about being a fiduciary.

8. You can't future proof solutions. You can however design against backtestable worst practices. History is doomed to repeat itself but don't let it happen on your watch.

9. Great software is not built, but is grown organically.

10. The marketplace doesn't need huxsters wearing zoot suits, but the business will always need passionate problem solvers.

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