Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Is the role of resource manager a worst practice?

Throughout my career, I have noticed the trend to take junior people in the industry and make them report to a resource manager. The justification is usually to free up the capacity of more senior people within an organization and to not burden them with administrivia. Sadly, there are several side effects to this worst practice...

Having a resource manager affords an organization to ignore the value proposition of building talent and to leverage those who have no other abilities. A junior person without the mentorship of a senior person over time becomes a mediocre junior person who has lots of years of service.

Many of these people believe that they have twenty years of experience when reality may state that they have one year's worth of experience stretched over twenty years. IT continues to practice this insanity yet scratches its head whenever systems crash, IT isn't happy with the deliverables or talent walks out the door.

I wonder why they aren't figuring out what they are doing wrong...

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