Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Enterprise Architecture: Public Enemy Number One...

Isn't it sad that the masses don't have enough attention span where 160 character tweets is the most others will read? Twitter is about pontifications where the blogosphere was originally started as a mechanism to have a real dialog that otherwise has never materialized.

For many bloggers, the rationale for why they blog isn't just to share insights on some concept or technology but to find others just like themselves. It is rare to run across folks with intelligence and passion as perception management is now more important than technical excellence and demonstrated ability.

As for the bloggers I follow, I have always gotten the sense that they refuse to be assimilated by the borg of impersonal corporate culture where you are just a number in a capacity plan. Today's IT is plagued by a knowledge crisis that we can't seem to shake, yet is at the root cause of why IT can't ever seem to find alignment with the business. Maybe, we should ask ourselves what would happen if your business customers started to have direct conversations with bloggers and bypassed IT. Even if things didn't get more innovative, the conversations would most certainly be more interesting...

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