Thursday, May 21, 2009


Becoming Elite IT Talent...

In my career, I have worked for small companies, done consulting, worked on Internet startups and now work in a really large enterprise. The one thing that I have yet to accomplish is to work for a software company...

The next career horizon I need to cross is to find a way to lead an elite team of professionals in the creation of game changing software. Although I have direct reports, for the most part am still an individual contributor. The ideal position would be leading a team of 30 to 50 highly motivated technologists where I could travel (meet new clients on a weekly basis) while avoiding the need to commute (meet the same client every week).

I really like where I currently live and am not interested in moving. My friends and family are here and I see no reason to change this aspect of my life as this is a major component in terms of achieving work/life balance.

I have this burning desire to make this happen within the next couple of years. I have a lot of potential that I can't necessarily use within an enterprise context. Have you ever heard of climbing the corporate ladder? I don't want the ladder, I want the elevator.

Am I being realistic? Does such an opportunity exist? If it were in my face, would I recognize it?

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