Thursday, April 23, 2009


Links for 2009-04-23

  • The evolution of blogging
    Do you agree?

  • Destroying relational competence
    Someone likes the latest Gary McGraw podcast

  • Are bonuses demotivating your employees?
    Increasing productivity when times are tough and you don't have money as a tool is something most executives are clueless about.

  • Hackers grabbed more than 285M records in 2008
    This problem can only be solved with Barack Obama style governance. If he can get the CEO of GM fired, then I wonder if firing executives who lose data is the next best idea.

  • Bad water in CT
    Hopefully folks on my side of town are aware of the don't drink the water scandal.

  • OWASP Hartford
    This is the place where all the cool IT professionals hang out.

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