Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Identity Federation and Management

Now that Sun is owned by Oracle, I wonder if Pat Patterson will be making an announcement at the European Identity Conference on whether OpenSSO will survive against Oracle's own Oracle Identity Federation (OIF) product suite it spent money acquiring from Oblix?

Oracle and Sun had competing technologies in the identity provisioning space as well. Migration between these two tool suites is non-trivial, but if one tool will loose the battle, it will become important to think more about standards such as SPML as an isolation layer vs attempting to deal with even more custom adapters.

The strategy around how identity management evolves in the enterprise is actually a more important conversation than whether Oracle decides to keep products around. I suspect that many within the enterprise have done a horrific job of making their identity management implementations other than tightly coupled. Maybe, we need some discussions in the blogosphere on IdM and looser coupling to enterprise applications...

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