Thursday, April 02, 2009


How to manage a micromanager...

A friend in another company recently solicited my advice on how to deal with his boss who is a micromanager. Here is what I told him to do...

One can learn endurance and practice how to find and recognize the vulnerable places in the dragon's armor. One almost guaranteed technique is to give them even more to manage to the point of overload.

Forward him every email relevant to your job. Discuss all matters with him. Inform him often. This will put the pressure of sorting your input on him, with little effort from you. If he has other victims who follow the same strategy, he is sure to blow, or adjust his behavior.

The only scenario I thought of that says this strategy is wrong is when your boss turns sadist because his/her boss has started micromanaging them. Usually in this case, he is micromanaging because he needs to create observable ceremony for those above to observe. In this situation, the tactic is somewhat different in that you still allow yourself to be micromanaged but you work with your boss to create things that feel like handwaving and churn without causing harm to each other.

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