Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Enterprise Architecture: How to tell if you are managementless...

I have blogged on the differences between management and leadership proving that the vast majority of organizations are leaderless. I am also starting to conclude that they are also managementless...

Let's agree that for the most part that no large enterprise has rules to motivate employees to deliver projects at an extreme profit, so the vast majority of projects deliver on time but at enormous cost. How do we reward IT people to deliver higher quality at a cheaper price to the business? What does managing perception cost to the business? If I were to deliver faster and cheaper, I could free up capital for more important activities but this of course would mean spending less time on perception management.

So, if the enterprise doesn't have the proper incentives in place, then how can IT ever be a truly strategic partner. Below are four questions that the business needs to ask IT to determine if IT is managementless.

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