Sunday, April 05, 2009


Characteristics of respectable enterprise architects

If you were to ask an enterprise architect to name the top five people in their organization that they admire and what they respect about them, the following would be a common observation...

1. Very high intelligence. We tend to respect those whom we can learn from. Likewise, we tend to eschew those whom we believe are less than geniuses (political correctness is showing).

2. Deep consuming passion for technology to the point where they think and may even dream about it 24 hours a day.

3. A burning desire to learn the best of what everyone else in the field is doing.

4. A flexible attitude/personal philosophy allowing them to pursue what pragmatically works beyond the boundaries of rigid ideology.

5. They focus on people over process.

6. They focus on technical excellence and demonstrated ability over perception management.

7. They are charitable.

8. Regardless of religion whether a practitioner of Christianity, Judaism or Islam, they are spiritual and have a believe in One God.

9. They would rather suffer the consequences of bad perception management over throwing their peers under the bus.

10. They stand for reason.

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