Tuesday, March 24, 2009


What is there to do in Munich Germany?

I will be headed to Munich in May to speak at the European Identity Conference and seek advice on things to do...

So, I seek ideas on things to do while in Germany. I have spent lots of time on Google and travel related sites and very few tourist spots sound interesting. I guess the idea of touring old castles sounds romantic to some, but I would think of them as just old buildings.

Since I don't drink, I am not sure that I would be interested in beer drinking and that I also eat Kosher I wouldn't consume many of their pork-oriented sausages. I know that they have lots of clubs, but I am married and it would be boring to go to one when it would be bad form to interact with others.

I know I will visit the Glockenspiel and walk around the city but am looking for things to do that won't break my wallet. Ideas in the $20 range are greatly appreciated. This of course rules out theater and operas which I find absolutely boring. Actually, I can't say that they are boring as I have never seen one. The last few times I went to one, I was sound asleep ten minutes after sitting down.

I am game to pack my Gi and meetup with some mixed martial arts folks or to do some Tai Chi, but haven't found any leads in this regard. So, I will have all day Saturday and Sunday morning to travel and would be interested in ideas in other cities provided that they are reachable quickly via train.

If you happen to be in Munich and would like to meetup, don't hesitate to drop a comment or leave a trackback...

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