Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The guilt of purchasing a new car...

This week, I purchased a new 2009 Dodge Journey and retired my Ford Explorer...

My Ford Explorer was the first car I truly desired and loved. Last week, the rear-end locked up on the highway and I had to have the state police push me to the side of the road. The repair ended up costing $695 which isn't much considering the vehicle had a book value of $900.

On Friday night, I had a chat with the guard who oversees the parking lot at work and he told me that his Ford Explorer stranded him as well and had to spend several hundred dollars on a fuel pump. The familiar squeak of both of us determined that both of our vehicles needed ball joints. Anyway, in driving through East Hartford, the vehicle started to buck and I knew that I needed to do something.

Normally, when most folks get a new car, they are excited. For me, I am thinking about the decision of buying something so expensive in a declining economy and hope that this decision doesn't hurt me. Over the last several years, I have prided myself and have bragged to others that I don't have a mortgage payment, student loans nor car payments. Sadly, car payments have returned back to my life.

Chrysler currently has 0% APR so at least I am not guilty of violating God's law regarding usury but wonder if I need to ponder my blessings from above a little bit more...

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