Monday, March 16, 2009


Enterprise Architecture: Thoughts on Blogging

It has been five years since I wrote my first blog entry. Originally, my motivation for blogging was to simply share some of my thoughts aka thinking out loud. Later, it morphed into a platform where I could have a conversation with others. The thought of using a blog as a platform to have a dialog that others could observe was empowering.

Recently, I have noticed much of my stimulus has changed. The blogosphere is moving away from conversations and towards simply using it as a platform to communicate thinly veiled media relations sanitized press releases where all forms of communications are void of conversation. If you believe that hyperlinks subvert hierarchy then you would also understand that we somehow are linking to each other less.

When it comes to deep thinking, the variability of thoughts at a professional level have been on the decline as well. Part of this is do to rationalization, while other aspects have more to do with specialization and therefore thoughts get normalized over time. Nowadays, enterprise architects are pioneering a new frontier but instead are simply actors practicing the next script.

Blogging was an opportunity for the real interesting people in large enterprises to come out and play. Nowadays, those same people have been beaten into submission where the enterprise has an armbar on the souls of the masses.

So, why am I still blogging? Maybe it is because I still believe it is possible to remain human and aspire for something long gone or that I think that I will create a void for others who are in worse situations than I would passionately look forward to my posts. Maybe I am consumed by ego and just haven't awaken to smell the coffee.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if I walked down the corridor of any enterprise and all its inhabitants knew my name? More importantly, what if they all found some gem in the words I share and all perception management was mind numbingly positive!

One can dream, but I am not a dreamer. I am a realist and the road to mastery of life isn't in being savage in the pursuit of happiness but in acknowledging that there is one God as the first step. There is no place for religion in modern society, but there is in my life and therefore I must prioritize.

August 24th was the day I arrived on this planet and shall also be the day that I leave the planet blogosphere for another quest. Let life begin...

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