Sunday, March 15, 2009


Enterprise Architecture: The Second Biggest Career Mistake...

Last week, I blogged on the biggest mistake I made in my career, today, I will share what I feel is a close second...

Let's agree that there are some individuals that can rationalize any form of behavior. For me, I probably have a stronger morale compass than most which has caused me to sometimes show my displeasure of others.

If I were an IT executive and had to look my fellow employees in the eye and give them the cost cutting speech and tell them how it is good for the company that they are losing their jobs and it will be moved to another country would be something I would fail miserably at. I could never say to myself, better me than you and I need to do this in order to survive and rationalize that it is somehow OK to look the other way and rationalize it because I have my own family I need to feed.

There are way too many people who can blindly follow a process and it takes constitution to act human which will serve as my downfall in modern society. I couldn't imagine having to live with myself having to pick and choose amongst my most wonderful peers on arbitrary criteria such as perception management and whether they are huxters with the gift of gab or technical excellence and demonstrated ability.

Maybe I stop thinking of others as people with lives, personalities, families and feelings and remix my atitude to simply think of those who surround me as human resources. Of course I should focus more on the resource part than the human aspects as they could be tools used for me to accomplish a goal and then be summarily dismissed.

My biggest mistake is in caring about the human condition. I am savage about not throwing others under the bus which also has caused many bad perceptions to remain in my court. The tactic of misdirection is so easy and what is very disturbing is that I know that if I were to attempt it, I would be very good at it. Sadly, I thing my morale compass always points me to a higher ground and will always be my handcuff...

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