Monday, February 02, 2009


What Craig Randall isn't telling you about Documentum CMIS

Craig Randall of Documentum outlines what it takes to Consume CMIS WSDL in Visual Studio but intentionally leaves out many important details...

For example, his quote:Doesn't talk about what service-based interfaces exist to manage user credentials within Documentum or more importantly, how to not manage user credentials across various implementations of CMIS. So, if you want to integrate Filenet and Documentum, do you have to store users in multiple places? If the answer is yes, then is this a good architecture?

Likewise, his comment: doesn't mention how the Documentum server can consume WS-Security messages. For example, how do I configure Documentum Server to accept SAML 2.0 messages and integrate with other technologies such as Oracle OIF, PingIdentity or OpenSSO.

Not that I expect Craig Randall to provide a response, but I do hope that he will share more details on how things should work at a deeper level...

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