Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Random Thoughts for 2009-02-10

  • I am curious why so many folks are being mentally kidnapped by madoff investor sob stories? First, only sophisticated investors can invest with hedge funds. A hedge fund is a private investment fund open to a limited range of investors. Such a fund is less regulated and allowed to undertake a wider range of activities than other investment funds. Basically, the rich have created a separate avenue of investment designed to make them even more rich--or, in some cases, less rich. Hedge funds come with unique risks--and everyone knew that going in. Are rich people that freakin stupid to spend lots of money and not ask the right questions? Oops, this kinda reminds me of why business people let IT folks practice outsourcing to India.

  • I wonder how come vendors still call CIOs in an attempt to make software sales? Haven't they noticed that the majority of the power within a large enterprise has shifted to either developers or the financial crowd?

  • Tonight is the next meeting of the Hartford Chapter of OWASP. We hope to break a new record with over 150 attendees.

  • Harvard University's admission that it lost $8 billion from its $36 billion endowment fund, as staggering as it sounds, may grossly underestimate the true magnitude of the loss between from July 1 through Oct. 31 2008. While financial types will debate the fact that this is a mark-to-market issue and how they classify their otherwise illiquid assets, I am more curious about what donors have to say?

  • I would love to know how many enterprise architects in the blogosphere also practice martial arts? What's your style?

  • Isn't it sad when you have to use a traditional credential to sign onto the Gartner web site to download a whitepaper from an industry analyst who pontificates that federated identity is the next best thing since sliced bread.

  • Does anyone happen to know what the price of tea in China is?

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