Saturday, January 31, 2009


Thoughts on Facebook

I have been spending lots of time lately on Facebook...

  • Facebook is a highly extensible platform which allows for outsiders to write applications easily to integrate. I wonder if anyone has ever thought about the design patterns used and more importantly how they can be applied within an enterprise context.

  • It is good to run across former classmates whom I haven't seen in twenty years. The fascinating aspect is it feels just like yesterday. No matter how much things change, many things still stay the same

  • Unlike the blogosphere, facebook allows folks to explore other topics without others complaining. I have found folks who talk about technology one minute and the price of tea in China on another.

  • Good to see so many folks from OWASP

  • Industry analysts are missing from the facebook conversation as well. Did we think they really had a clue?

  • I can't find a single member of my family that independently joined facebook. I would have thought that my nephews Nicholas James and his brother Ian would have joined.

  • I have ran across many faces which reconfirms that I made the right decision on December 3rd, 1997

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