Monday, January 19, 2009


Random Thoughts for 2009-01-19

  • What does it mean to the planet that America will have a new President shortly? I wonder if he realizes that one way to cut government spending would be to not just eliminate welfare in the inner-city but to drop welfare countries such as Israel.

  • I finally have visibility into how many of my coworkers are reading my blog. More importantly, I have made it a lot easier for them to do so in stealth mode by including links within Plaxo.

  • I haven't spoken at an international conference since 2004 and am long overdue. I would love to be an invited speaker for one in Brazil, London or in the Middle East.

  • How long will it be before Craig Randall shares with the public DFS 2.0? More importantly, will he be smart enough to publicly share the WSDL with non-EMC customers and ask for input/review from customers before making it final?

  • Ever notice how analyst firms aren't transparent when it comes to trends that affect them? Large enterprises have been cutting discretionary spending of which analyst research fits into this category. Analysts of course believe there proposition is different than how customers view them. Maybe Barbara French of Tekrati has her own take on this trend.

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