Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Random Thoughts for 2009-01-13

  • Gartner analysts are doing a disservice to many end customers! How much guidance have they been providing on clickjacking? Is it about the same as the SEC providing analysis on hedge funds? Seriously, if you are in an enterprise and you actually get jacked, the only answer may be to figure out how to rewrite applications from scratch within days. An enterprise can't just turn off iframes and use the noscript approach for the vast majority of their work unless this was thought about in the conceptualization of the application.

  • Bet you didn't know that Massachusetts allows for mixed martial arts (MMA) competition for kids as young as seven? My oldest son is eligible for the lowest weight/age class and has started his training. We hope to capitalize on the crowd that "reads into" vs just "reading" as a tactic for success. For example, way too many folks when I say he is a student of Jujutsu, will make the wrong mental shift to Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu which is all about grappling. He is good with takedowns, locks, throws and grappling but his strategy will be to simply come out of the gate Mike Tyson style but punching others in the face.

  • I finally splurged and purchased an MP3 Player. My $1 radio from Walmart will be retired. I got a good deal on a generic model on ebay which I hope to load up with podcasts of folks who are known and respected within OWASP circles. Of course, I also need to think about doing more podcasts in 2009 as last year I exercised my right to remain silent in this regard

  • With the imminent failure of Satyam, do you think that CIOs will get a clue and realize that they shouldn't be outsourcing strictly to India? Maybe they will wise up and choose nearshore destinations such as Trinidad, Jamaica, etc.

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