Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Links for 2009-01-27

  • Why the Looooong Resumes from India
    An interesting perspective on the length of resumes from folks in India and the burden of arrival. Maybe one answer is for us American's to figure out ways to for us to help Indian's adjust to our culture. Of course, it requires folks from India to also ask...

  • What is a technology certificate really worth?
    Bex Huff states: I feel that a college degree means you can learn, experience means you've made the typical rookie mistakes, and certifications/conference attendance means you're dedicated to continuing your education which is accurate. When was the last time you ever met anyone from India in IT that didn't have a degree? So, we need something else to discriminate and certifications becomes the next easiest target. I wonder how Bex, Joel Spolsky or others would otherwise suggest that corporate recruiters who receive tens of thousands of resumes filter them down to something more managable.

  • Static analysis space for GRC of SDLC using BPMS
    If BPM vendors don't have a clue as to what static analysis means, does this mean that BPM platforms are an easy target for potential hackers? I wonder if Lombardi software, pegasystems and others suffer from the same lack of knowledge?

  • Application Security and Micro-financing
    Roland Hesz amplifies a most important topic...

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