Thursday, January 22, 2009


How Indian Outsourcing Firms should exploit enterprise clients...

I am a shareholder of Cognizant and figured I would post suggestions on how they can exploit other enterprises to boost my wealth...

Can we acknowledge that enterprises can make their processes heavier and more documented but otherwise don't have the ability to truly add maturity to their processes? So, maybe they should stop attempting to align and instead start attempting to exploit.

Walk the corridors of a large enterprise and gather up all the process weenies you can find. Encourage IT executives to put them in charge of all outsourcing efforts and congratulate them for achieving paper-based milestones while ignoring the fact that you can't put comprehensive documentation into production. Convince them that working software isn't important as their customers don't come to their web sites to order products but to understand where they are in terms of CMMI maturity models.

Indian outsourcing firms should fix bid everything! No matter what the project requirements include, fix bid it for $1. Take advantage of foolish consistency in that they will advocate to everyone the stellar deal they negotiated and put into their statuses that they are ahead of budget. Set them up to look stupid or should I say dependent on you. The tactics of drug dealers is to give their product away cheaply upfront until they are addicted. Align your approach to this thinking until they can no longer say no.

A hooked client after having promised delivery of something cheap will be owned. In fact, they will compromise their own budget and you don't have to look like the bad guy once all those change orders start rolling in. Let's face it, no one on the planet can define all the requirements for a system upfront yet there are lots of process weenies that will attempt to try!

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