Sunday, January 04, 2009


Enterprise Architecture and Wall Street Bonuses

This will be the first year in which my bonus will be larger than my peers on Wall Street...

I remember two years ago, the folks over at Goldman Sachs got their largest bonus ever. The average employee bonus was $180,000. The equivalent role in Goldman to mines broke the $300K mark.

I remember so many Wall Street employees calling me up bragging about their bonuses and how I need to stop working for B-team firms. I received humorous insults such as acknowledging the fact that my bonus couldn't even pay the tax on their bonuses and how they are all going to fly down First Class to Trinidad to watch the World Cup where India played Pakistan and how they would be willing to pay for cable for me to watch it at home.

Its 2009 where folks that work at Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and UBS will all see their bonuses crash. Of course, I predict that mines will not be breaking any records, but at least this will be the year that I can rub it in their faces...

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