Saturday, January 17, 2009


Business Rules and Complex Event Processing

Both of these topics are frequently discussed in isolation. I wonder how they would work when deeply integrated...

The folks down the street at ESPN have scheduling challenges that are even more complex than airlines. Did you ever consider the fact that in order to display a commercial, you can't always plan exactly when it will air upfront? In sports such as football, the ability to predict commercial scheduling more than 10 seconds in advance is problematic.

Not only is the time considerations a challenge, but you also have to take into account the fact that you would never display a Coke advertisement back to back with a Pepsi advertisement. Sure, it would be easy to identify competitive situations as part of an algorithm, but it is more complex than that as well. Bet you never thought about the subliminal message of displaying a Budweiser commercial right after a commercial for Ford trucks. I could see class action lawsuits for those who would immediately be guilty of being an idiot by reading into the message vs just reading the message.

So, whether you are using Fair Isaac Blaze, iLog, Drools or some other business rules engine, how would it work in an overall scheduling architecture that includes complex event processing where the event is some opportunity to go to commercial break and the rule would need to determine the next commercial to show? I wonder if James Taylor, James Governor or any other brilliant person named James in the blogosphere has any thoughts on how they would approach this scenario?

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