Friday, December 19, 2008


Thoughts on Sun Microsystems and Java Development...

Most recently, I switched IDEs away from Eclipse towards Netbeans and couldn't be happier...

Isn't it sad that the better technology always loses to those who do the most marketing? I wonder why Sun Microsystems can't do a better job of selling their value proposition?

Many have found my previous commentary on why I thought Microsoft Vista OS rocks as strange but when Microsoft released the Mohave Expirement, it proved my thinking was correct after all. I suspect that if Sun took 100 Java developers to a Caribbean island and told them that NetBeans was a new version of Eclipse, they may find it faster, more usable and with more useful plugins.

Anyway, one can hope that Sun would acknowledge this but I suspect that they will exercise their right to remain silent and will waste this wonderful opportunity to remix Java development as we currently know it...

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