Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ring the alarm, how to detect enterprisey architects...

Have you ever heard any of these phrases? If so, you are surrounded by enterprisey architects...

  • We outsource testing but didn't provide them with any quality documentation. I wonder why quality is in the toilet?

  • We don't have time to write automated tests. We have plenty of time to run all hands on deck tests and integration exercise at the 11th hour though.

  • What do you mean? There's 'another' way to do this?

  • Let's skip evaluating the software and go with the Gartner recommendation

  • We don't want too many superstars here. You'll all kill each other

  • Let's have a meeting to discuss our meeting schedule

  • The problem is, we can see by this that you've obviously started coding without submitting a design document first...

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