Monday, December 22, 2008


How Oracle is better than Microsoft

Awhile back, Mark Wilcox of Oracle asked me to blog on why I believe that Microsoft groks open source deeper than Oracle. Today, I will blog on ways that Oracle is better than Microsoft...

Microsoft and Oracle have two different sales models where Microsoft tends to appeal to the technical audience in a more bottoms up fashion while also attacking the executives based on price. Oracle's model is a lot different in that it tends to pursue the executive crowd more and has less in the way of appealing to the technical crowd, but this is fast changing in a very positive way.

Lately, Oracle has been holding free one-day workshops on various technologies. I attended one on database security and another on entitlements management that were excellent. While the workshops used Oracle technology, you would have learned something that you use regardless of technology and is equally applicable to Jericho Systems, Securent, etc.

Many vendors will attempt to continually sell you new products, but Oracle does a fine job at helping you use technologies you may already own. This notion is something that I wish industry analyst firms would pay more attention to.

I wonder if Sun Microsystems, EMC and IBM have plans to be less like Microsoft and more like Oracle in this regard...

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