Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Google and Interesting Photos...

Have you been to google lately? When you type into the search box, it provides you with an AJAX like experience by helping you with search terms. Over the weekend, my son, wanted to figure out the best way to make fried chicken as he was going to print out a recipe for his mom.

As he typed the phrase: the best way Google presented an option that stated: the best way to commit suicide which caused me fly out of my chair and spend lots of time explaining this concept to a seven year old.

All of this makes it past the plethora of parental controls on his computer. Someone at Google needs to make sure that this doesn't happen to others. I can see a lawsuit in the near future if they don't take steps to censor this type of functionality. For now, they can make it up and agree to market my local OWASP chapter for free in terms of keyword searching.

In the meantime, ponder this photo I used google to find. I wonder what this person was thinking after the FBI visited his house...

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