Saturday, December 20, 2008


Enterprise Architecture: How many meetings are required to save a project?

Scheduling meetings to a late project makes it later...

Why do enterprises continue to make the fatal mistake of wanting to hire project managers and ending up with project coordinators? You have a problem with schedule and to solve this problem, you start making meetings. People that should be involved with delivering the project start to be involved in these long, boring, dry, useless meetings. Project gets later, oh... Yet another meeting will solve it.

Oops, everyone agrees that meeting minutes are a good idea, but have you noticed that many project managerscoordinators don't feel it is there responsibility to capture? If you have no meeting minutes and you also invite someone who didn't attend the prior meeting, it is guaranteed that you will spend time revisiting past discussions.

Do folks in India laugh at our immaturity or do they feel pity on us? Is Indian Outsourcing a failure because American's can't seem to provide something that makes sense to throw over the wall? Have we ever thought about the fact that maybe we need to remix our thinking when it comes to who participates in meetings?

Ever been in an IT crisis? Good project manager's understand the value proposition of isolation and in a sense are a condom for the team making sure that infectious interactions don't occur while project coordinators invite promiscuous interactions with anyone and everyone. Let's invite everyone to the party better known as a meeting.

So, when will we conclude that the best meetings have the fewest number of attendees? Have we considered that the fastest way to get something done is to allow developers to develop, for managers to manage and for others to exercise their right to remain silent...

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