Thursday, December 18, 2008


Enterprise Architecture and Endless Meetings...

For many people meetings are boring, but not for extroverts like yours truly. I am convinced I am not the only one who likes meetings...

Meetings are good because:

  • When your leadershipmanagement has something important to reveal, the mere fact of calling the meeting gives an importance right away to what he has to say. An E-mail to all employees would not have the same effect.

  • They give leadershipmanagement the illusion that they still speaks very well in public; that they are good orators and capture the hearts and minds of their staff.

  • You get to meet people in the company you haven't seen for years!

  • You are paid to do nothing.

  • You can use the time to brainstorm what your garden will look like, scribble out your shopping list or even plan out other after-hours activities

  • You can do eye-contact with a nice woman. Just don't cross the boundaries if you are married.

  • Your patience is tested

  • Everyone can provide feedback instantly. Hopefully, you don't have to think about feedback as a gift but as something that can be filed in the appropriate bin.

  • It gives everyone a sense of belonging to a group, an organization. This is important for those who get no love elsewhere.

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