Thursday, December 25, 2008


The effects of a declining economy...

Regardless if you are a believer in Judaism, Islam or Christianity, we can come together today and acknowledge that there is just but ONE God...

In prior years, I made a lot of money off investments in the stock market. Of course, this year I managed to loose money and therefore have less available for charitable activities. This troubles me deeply in that while I am truly blessed, I have to wrestle with my own conscious of keeping my own family vibrant vs having the ability to help those who are more in need. Just to think that across the planet, there are billions of people whom don't get a proper meal each and every day? Am I being selfish? The answer is a resounding yes. Is this OK considering that much of it is driven by self-preservation, maybe?

It takes a lot for all of us to not focus on our own challenges and to consider those who are in more need than us. As I watch my portfolio go down the drain, at least I can find solace in helping others do better. Over the holidays, my family will be volunteering time to help in soup kitchens. Sometimes, folks just need to know that others care to make the effort to talk to them...

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