Saturday, November 22, 2008


XML Design

My significant other has recently failed with her attempts to offshore work against my own better judgement. One of the more repeatable worst practices when it comes to outsourcing is that everyone figures that process is a substitute for competence. Many people spend time on defining the requirements, outlining test cases, etc but never have figured out that in most cases competence on the other end is lacking.

The image below contains an example of some XML she scribbled out as an example of what she desired. She asked for the folks on the other end to take the rough idea and to come up with a proper design. She also asked them to make sure that the XML is validatible via XML schema.

Anyway, now that failure is almost imminent, it means that I will have to surrender my remaining free time to jump in and help. I would be willing to pay for someone to help her out as I really have enough on my plate. If you are up to the challenge, let's see what you come up with?

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