Friday, November 07, 2008


What is the Carbon Footprint of Management Consultancies...

Some believe that consulting is all about face time, but I am not so sure. Is the ulterior motive giving employees some freebies in the form of bonus flying hours?

Can clients really justify movement on a week-to-week basis when for five days of the week one happily enjoys the hospitality provided by the client at the project location? One can understand a monthly furlough. Catching the late flight back home every Friday & the early flight back every Monday cannot be great for the project, client, or the consultant. The last & the first half of both the days are ruined to an extent.

Will consultancies ever truly do what is in the best interest of their clients? Would they acknowledge that the large enterprises that hire them are under pressure from their shareholders and consumers to be more green and that they should help their clients be successful in this regard?

Recently, I worked with a consultant who flew in from Ohio and always seemed to have lag. She accomplished most of her deliverables but did I really receive her best work if she was even the slightest bit tired? For consultants that have young children at home yet are forced to be away from them in order to be gainfully employed, the thought of something happening still lingers in the back of one's mind if not periodically popping to the forefront.

So, exactly what are clients of management consultancies truly thinking...

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