Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Vote for Robert McIlree: Chief Process Weenie

While Robert McIlree believes that process can be a substitute for competence, the community needs to also understand that competence can be a substitute for process and I will explain how...

Have you heard of Agile Methods? You can fight with small weapons when you are a great warrior.

Has anyone ever noticed that processes never seem to get more efficient in most enterprises once they are installed? Is it because most decisions are based on consensus and that nowadays there are more process weenies than agilists? Are there more people who work in an IT organization but otherwise are not IT professionals?

How come we can't simply say that we need a little bit of process, a lot more competence and just enough people to get the job done. We understand that resources are cheap in India and therefore will accept inflated headcounts. The more people we need to communicate with, the harder the task of communicating becomes.

So, instead of brainstorming strategies around communicating with IT folks, how come you can figure out ways to communicate with less people...

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