Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Should corporate America look at itself as corporate Americans?

Imagine if corporate America took responsibility for the development and the future of our great nation. Maybe it starts with us IT folks pushing back on those so-called user centered design types. I am disgusted with always having to access some help page that never has the answers or having to send an email to some faceless person where my communications gets assigned a number by Kana before immediately routed to the clueless.

I ran across a rules engine vendor who thinks that they are community-oriented simply because they setup a site where folks can talk to each other. Sadly, they have refused to consider the possibilities that their 1.0 approach to bulletin board brings. Do you think they considered actually encouraging their employees to participate? This reminds me of frequent posts by Laurence Hart where he is more useful than the vendor's own staff. Shouldn't the exact opposite be true?

Luckily, some companies are getting it right. Microsoft has always gotten it right. How refreshing and humbling are the new principles for self-reference, self-organization and self-governance. Maybe I should throw in the towel and go back to reading the plethora of suicidal mission statements I frequently run across...

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