Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Indian Outsourcing and the mistreatment of workers

I think that use of outsourcing in America is absolutely predatory and our mistreatment of foreign workers will ultimately come back to haunt us...

Why do we cap salaries and attach the employer to the Visa? Somehow this benefits American IT workers. How? For American IT workers it restricts supply in the market and limits our own salaries. Our guests are forced to live below standards due a professional and in constant fear of terminated employment. This fear limits their input in valuable professional dialog.

Hitler terrorized those who practiced Judaism yet millions of Germans exercised their right to remain silent for fear of termination. While no one will die, it doesn't make the practice of what we do right nor does it give us permission to ignore the struggle of others. Maybe we are too comfortable driving our Mercedes and Lexus while our guests can barely afford a Camry. Maybe we like the fact the we can shop at Nordstrom's while our guests shop at Walmart.

I say that when we have a guest worker in our country they should be free to seek employment and salaries as they see fit and as the market will bear. Unchain them from particular employers and level the playing field. I also think that american companies who use outsourcing should have published ethical standards (put on the corporate homepage) and follow up that assures the employees of the outsourcing company are employed to the same standards as workers here.

Sure, bloggers such as myself in the past have thrown daggers at the poor quality of code produced by our guests (and will continue to do so in the future) but never really dived deeper as to why. No matter where, people who are overworked do not produce the same quality of code. Standards will prevent ignorant and ultimately counter productive management. We need transparency to not repeat the evils of the past...

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