Sunday, November 16, 2008


Enterprise Architecture: Increasing profits by focusing on the human aspects of technology

Perception management rules the enterprise, at least it did in 1.0. We like to define ourselves by pointing a finger somewhere and saying we are/aren't like that and however noble the intentions, human nature always wins. Negative advertising still wins elections and missiles are still thrown around to preserve the peace.

Activism has been replaced by political correctness and some enterprising soul may realize that as brand loyalty disappears that the ultimate strategy isn't about marketing but is all about the human aspects of technology. The issue isn't about better prices or selection. The deciding factor is where you have made a commitment to the discourse.

Consider why sites such as Amazon and eBay are successful. Is it because they provide a mechanism to allow for reviews where customers can interact with each other? The smart companies turn themselves inside out, revealing their insides to the public, and bringing their customers into the fold, making them an integral part of the company's sales, marketing and support organizations. Brand loyalty is replaced with a commitment to success. If they fail, then my contributions are gone forever, so would I ever let that happen...

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