Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Enterprise Architecture and Organization Driven Dehumanization

Enterprise architecture 2.0 eschews the perception management head in the sand organization-driven dehumanization that disquiets us all. Employees of large enterprises must become themselves again and connect to others in their work in a human way rather than leaving it at the door when they enter the office.

When was the last time you had a genuine conversation with one of your coworkers? Do you know how the person that sits next to you is truly doing? Barack Obama said that if we are to sustain ourselves as a people, then we must each do our duty to help those in need. With so many people being at risk of losing their homes, I wonder if we should simply smile and repeat the indoctrinated message as given to us by human resources when they lose their jobs as well.

the current manifestation of the corporation is, in part, our progeny. What drives the actions of the corporation is the objective of its leaders: "maximize shareholders equity." In a vacuum this is a noble goal. Where it goes wrong is the fact that the owners of the corporation are anonymous. They do not have to answer for the actions of their hired guns. How often do you see a role call vote in any political body? The aversion to expressing an opinion seems to be pervasive today which has led to the reality we now face...

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