Sunday, November 23, 2008


Enterprise Architecture and Big Brother?

Do industry analysts lose credibility if they aren't actively inventing acronyms to complicate otherwise simple concepts? Have we asked ourselves whether the government is becoming big brother or is this a simple misdirection technique for others to hide out?

It appears that corporate leaders, performance appraisals, mirrored-mission statements and policies for the pains-in-the-ass have created many disgruntled souls. In your daily life, it isn't the government reducing language to alienate thought but it might be your employer. How come we don't blame folks in public relations and human resources for creating so much clutter that any worthwhile thought and discovery is masked in the cynicism we've all developed from the quagmire known as brand.

There is hope that readers of my blog may take immediate, deliberate action to reemphasize the importance of 'people' over technology, share prices and animated graffiti...

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