Monday, November 17, 2008


Are you enterprisey?

How many times did you need to attend a meeting in order to find out what you are quite capable of reading via email? Is getting approval for a $3,000 laptop the same amount of effort as getting approval for a $10 USB thumb drive? Do those who are accountable for coming up with cost savings acknowledge that the requisition process is far greater that the cost of requested items in the vast majority of scenarios but can't do anything about it?

Do you have a Chief Security Architect who has to amplify security policy even though he knows that the requirement to change your password every few weeks has been proven to decrease security? Your company is now pursuing CMMi to make things more efficient yet everything becomes more difficult? Every time you have a meeting with someone from another "organization", your boss feels the need to attend?

Does it take two weeks to plan for a one-hour task? How many people are involved in this planning? Can you count them on one hand or do you run out of fingers? It would be sad if you also ran out of toes as well. I bet you feel like you work in the Whitehouse with George Bush in that there is at least one very senior manager that is universally acknowledge to be completely incapable of doing his job, but purely political considerations keep him there. Another four year term...

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