Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Links for 2008-10-29

  • Security Professionals and Software
    I have yet to come across a "security professional" I can't send packing after speaking 3, simple words: "Show me code."

  • 10 ways for India to help Pakistan in time of need
    Pakistan has no money, no energy, no government but has neighbors that are more prosperous than them. The character of a nation is demonstrated by the urgency of action to help their brothers.

  • Is reverse offshoring a trend?
    Increase in the labor salary in offshore places which was decreasing the difference with U.S. salaries says that folks in other parts of the planet are benefiting from short term games but otherwise committing long-term slow suicide.

  • Questions and Perceptions = Architect Role
    Being sensitive and kind doesn't move us forward, but it makes the journey more pleasant.

  • Hartford Ruby Brigade
    A good event ran by a great person. I how well received it would be if I did a presentation entitled: Ruby Derailed: Security Worst Practices.

  • The fine game of Tennis
    I never really liked the game but find it fascinating to watch others play it. In many ways, it is more gentlemanly than Golf

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