Sunday, October 26, 2008


Links for 2008-10-26

  • Important Questions for Successful Governance
    Todd Biske comments on what is required for successful Governance and keys in on the word behavior. I think it missed an opportunity to explain that governance is not about financial controls.

  • Is ReactOS a reliable replacement for Windows
    As I understand Nick Gall of Gartner will be encouraging his analyst peers to dive deeper into Windows alternatives as part of upcoming research. I also understand that Gartner will be publishing some of its 2009 research under Creative Commons. This is a positive step forward by Gartner and I congratudate them for their forward, innovative thinking.

  • How Oracle can help you write more secure code
    I haven't heard back from Mark Wilcox of Oracle. I wonder if my latest response to his questions where a little too painful.

  • Open Source Enterprise Portal: Liferay
    Forrester has agreed to do the right thing and put open source projects in the same wave as commercial offerings. They have acknowledged that customers don't delineate across vendors as much as they care about solutions to the business challenge that can be implemented in a cost effective manner. Now only if Gartner were to take the same stance.

  • Scalable ECM
    Alan Pelz-Sharpe provides insight into which ECM platforms scale but I wish he went a little deeper. He didn't talk about scalability of management though. For example, can an ECM system be considered scalable if you have to provision individual users to it vs it being able to dynamically bind and consume identity elsewhere. Another missing attribute to scalability is how it behaves in a transactional context. Maybe, he will provide deeper insight in a future update.

  • Where in the world is pie
    I don't care where he is, but I do care that he is doing well. I recently saw him kick off and publish ECM patterns on the Documentum site. I really hope that Craig Randall and others will step up and also contribute.

  • Things I am so tired off
    If you work in a large enterprise, this list will be very familiar to you...

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