Friday, October 17, 2008


Links for 2008-10-17

  • How Oracle can help you write more secure code
    I have been having a dialog with Mark Wilcox. It would be great for others to join this dialog.

  • Web Services Talk at OWASP
    Gunnar Peterson posts the link to his OWASP presentation. I got to see it in person and encourage others to check it out as well.

  • Tulsa TechFest 2008
    Good to see Microsoft sponsoring conferences not just for IT executives but also software developers where the cost to attend is zero. I wonder whom I would need to work with from Sun, IBM and EMC to create a similar event on my side of town? I have been noodling holding the Hartford TechFest 2009 on our own campus. All I need is a few vendors to reach out to me to assist in making this happen.

  • SSO to
    Ashish Jain provides insight into how Ping supports federation with I wonder if he would be willing to point out which of his competitors also provide the same functionality and more importantly which ones haven't yet stepped up? I wonder if Pat Patterson has made sure Sun has included this type of functionality in their offering?

  • IBM may quit technology standards bodies
    If there is any truth to this assertion, this could be the most boneheaded braindead thing that IBM could do (other than of course outsourcing to India).

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