Thursday, October 23, 2008


It's 2008, are you still using Smalltalk?

The marketplace has spoken and declared that Smalltalk is a dead language. Why are you not porting to Java, Ruby or a modern language?

While there are still some holdouts, I wonder if anyone in IT has starting writing a new Smalltalk application from scratch within the last two years? Of course, there are folks who have used it to write quick utility applications, but I haven't ran across any that would be enterprise in nature.

Smalltalk seems to be second class when it comes to modern approaches to security. Notice that Smalltalk doesn't support many of the WS* specifications for web services? From what I can tell, Smalltalk also doesn't support CardSpace, OpenID, XACML or even some of the latest approaches to cryptography such as identity-based encryption.

So, if you still develop in this language, I would love for you to trackback and share why you have migrated elsewhere?

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