Sunday, October 19, 2008


Enterprise Architecture and Another Disturbing India Outsourcing Trend...

I am curious why magazines such as CIO haven't studied this pattern...

Americans send their work to India. Indian companies hire Indian developers. The Indian developer is given a job and then jumps onto an American forum and asks them to help him write his code.

Frequently the questions are not 'I've tried doing "x" and I'm having a problem with this, how do I make this work?'

Instead they are ' I need code that does "x" who can give me the code?'

My fellow Americans are a lot more cordial than I when it comes to responding to these types of requests. The typical answer from many in the open source community is that we are there to support people, not write their code for them. But it is an indicator of the lack of knowledge and experience that exists in India and how stupid American corporations are thinking that they are getting a "deal"...

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